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The Handbook of Conflict Resolution The Handbook of Conflict Resolution, Theory and Practice 2nd Edition

Praise for The Handbook of Conflict Resolution, 2nd Edition…

"The Handbook of Conflict Resolution offers an astonishing array of insightful articles on theory and practice by leading scholars and practitioners. Students, professors, and professionals alike can learn a great deal from studying this handbook."
—William Ury, director, Global Negotiation Project, Harvard University; coauthor, Getting to Yes and author, The Third Side

"The first edition of the Handbook was an impressive, important book. The second edition is even more comprehensive, addressing many forms of conflict: interpersonal, organizational, intractable conflict between groups, and international conflicts, and issues from the intrapsychic to the cultural. The book connects knowledge base in research with theory, and theory with practice. This is a book that will be of great value to anyone concerned with conflict and will significantly move the field forward."
—Ervin Staub, professor of psychology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; author, The Psychology of Good and Evil: Why Children, Adults, and Groups Help and Harm Others; former president of the International Society of Political Psychology

About the Editors:

Morton Deutsch is E. L. Thorndike Professor and director emeritus of the International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (ICCCR), Teachers College, Columbia University. He is a pioneer in the study of intergroup relations, cooperation-competition, conflict resolution, social conformity, and the social psychology of justice.

Peter T. Coleman is associate professor of psychology and education at Teachers College, Columbia University, and current director of ICCCR. He is active as a researcher, mediator, and educator in conflict resolution.

Eric C. Marcus is a principal of The Marcus Group, a firm specializing in issues of organizational change and human development. Working both domestically and internationally, his practice areas include leadership and group development, interpersonal and intergroup mediation, and conflict resolution.